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Can You Pass on Avaya PASS?

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Keith Doucette

Someone asked me the question “Can I pass on getting a PASS Agreement from Avaya?”

Well, the answer is yes.  Avaya is about to announce an alternative to those customers that are not interested in the receiving the benefits of a 1, 2 or 3 year PASS Agreement.

The option that will be available July 1, 2010 for non-PASS customers to receive Avaya OEM emergency technical support is:

Avaya will offer “bridged” support if a customer is in need of emergency support services which requires the customer to pay the following fees:

  • Will include a $3,900 upfront fee
  • $425 per hour T&M rates for the time Avaya applies to the individual support case
  • $10,000 purchase order required (actual will be billed towards the $10,000 customer Purchase Order)

The upfront $3,900 fee may be credited toward the purchase of a new PASS Agreement

  • Will back bill the PASS Agreement contract from June 30, 2010
  • The T&M charged against the case is not refundable
  • PO for the maintenance contract must be received within 30 days of initial sales contact

Give us a call to have a discussion about this and other PASS agreement options that may work for your enterprise.

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