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What happened to Enterprise Interaction Center

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Jeff Dean

Undoubtedly some may have heard that recently Interactive Intelligence eliminated the EIC (Enterprise Interaction Center, formerly Vonexus) product name. For those that just freaked out, the good news is that the spirit and support of the EIC product is alive and well and now called CIC, which has always somewhat been referred to as EIC’s big brother.

ININ has built a very nice strategy around the former EIC product to convert existing customers to CIC and allow for EIC customer to now enjoy the tremendous benefit of optional customization of their system to better suit their needs. This has been one of the restricting things that has made many shy away from EIC to start with and frustrated some of those that did opt for EIC. In my opinion, this may be the springboard that the enterprise market may have been looking for. With the addition of customizations, integrations and using of IPA (Communications Based Process Automation product from ININ), the enterprise environment can leverage the product to meet their needs when often they only need small customizations to gain significantly more benefit.

More to follow…

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