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Interaction Recorder Update from the Interactive Intelligence Partner Conference

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Ruth Lochary

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I recently attended the Interactive Intelligence Partner Conference.   It was a great conference and I want to give you an update on what I learned.  The focus of this post is Interaction Recorder.

Call recording and quality assurance/monitoring programs are integral parts of contact centers.  Interaction Recorder provides centers the ability to capture recordings of both the voice portion and system screens accessed by an agent engaged in an interaction with a customer.It’s a critical tool to help you measure and develop your staff.

There are some great enhancements now available for Interaction Recorder.

  • First, the recorder client is now available as a .Net application.  It runs as part of Interaction Center Business Manager.  That gives you an easier-to-use interface and improved query performance.  This release also fills a need I’ve heard from our customers because it allows you to open multiple playback windows at the same time.
  • A second enhancement is in the questionnaire builder.  In my opinion, it will now be easier to build questionnaires to use for reviewing calls.  You can categorize the importance of a call using a drop-down menu.  You can check a box to allow comments on any question or a “not-applicable” answer.  You still have the same capabilities to create different groups of questions and build your own ranking/score range.  If you’ve been waiting to move to SU9/SU10, and you’re a recorder user, the improved questionnaire builder is reason enough to make the jump.
  • Finally, if you are a “power recorder,” you may be interested in Interactive Recorder Extreme Query.  This enhanced version of recorder allows you to search very high numbers of recordings much more quickly.  This was built for the contact center managing tens of thousands to millions of recordings.

And, of course – all of Interaction Recorder is integrated in the same platform as CIC.  Which gives you…'

  • One set of agent records to administer
  • One software interface to learn
  • One place for your agents to see their schedules

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