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How to Use Monitored Appearances in the Interaction Client

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Kory Salem

Monitored appearances are a great tool that allow users such as receptionists or secretaries to continuously observe a manager’s interactions and perform tasks on the their behalf (such as picking up or transferring calls). Once the user secretary has the appropriate access control rights in Interaction Administrator; creating, configuring and using monitored line appearances is fairly straightforward.

Monitored Line Appearances in the Interaction Client

A monitored appearance will appear as a new tab under your My Interactions tab. It is easy to identify that you have a monitored appearance selected because the interactions window will be yellow instead of white. You can also set many options for what should happen when an interaction appears on a monitored appearance (ring phone, ring client, pop toast, play custom wave, or nothing at all).

If you would like to learn more about setting up monitored line appearances, take a look at our video, the last half goes into detail on the subject…

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