ININ Unwraps Details on CIC 4.0 (a.k.a. four.o) | CPI's Interactive Intelligence Blog

ININ Unwraps Details on CIC 4.0 (a.k.a. four.o)

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Chris Dellen

The good, the bad, and the forgotten…
Our team was briefed by ININ product management the other day on some of the major components coming in CIC 4.0 which is slated to be released sometime around the end of June… We won’t be able to cover everything we learned; however, here are some of our key takeaways:

Things that we like:

  1. CIC servers will finally be able to be virtualized along with some of the other ancillary sub systems and components with the exception of media servers, which can’t be virtualized
  2. ININ adds Real-time speech analytics capabilities to Interaction Recorder
  3. Upgraded multi-media handling for chat and email
  4. New Report Structure – should alleviate some of the reporting/analytics challenges and will be more flexible. In addition, it will collapse 171 reports into more useable sets
  5. ININ will now be offering a concurrent licensing model, providing more flexibility for you

Good news / Bad News

  1. While we applaud the support of Windows server 2008, (good) it does present some upgrade challenges. You will not be able to just lay 4.0 on the same servers currently running 3.0. This could affect your budget requirements for 4.0 (bad)
  2. (Bad) Not all customers are going to have the ability to upgrade soon because of the delayed release of additional products in the early SU’s i.e. Interaction Dialer, possibly Optimizer and other add-on products.
  3. (Good) HMP is being eliminated from the IC servers. (Bad) However, for large conferencing environments, you will still require an HMP media conferencing server.

Things that we were hoping to learn more about that were left out of our presentation

  1. Evolution of media servers and localization
  2. Bulls eye routing
  3. New licensing cost model
  4. 4.0 Release Plan/Schedule; we were led to believe that the initial release may be limited to a few customers and true GA to come later

As we continue to learn more, we will continue to keep you updated.

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