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Introducing CPI's Interaction Supervisor Video Training Series

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Chris Dellen

Get CPI’s 7 on-demand training videos for Interactive Intelligence’s Interaction Supervisor

Call Center Leaders are under ever-increasing pressure to do more with less. You are challenged to balance excellent customer service that is provided in a timely way, with fewer people than ever before. You can’t achieve that balance without clear insight into what’s happening in your center. Interaction Supervisor is Interactive Intelligence’s tool that helps you gain that insight.

With this video training series, it’s our goal to make you a power user of Interaction Supervisor and have a bit of fun while you are doing it.

Become an Interaction Supervisor power user.

CPI's Interaction Supervisor Video Training

What you’ll get:
We will mail the video-series guide as well as a disk that includes copies of the entire 7-part video series. In addition, you are more than welcome to upload these videos to your company’s private intranet to share with your colleagues.

Topics covered in the Interaction Supervisor Video Training Series

  • A tour of Interaction Supervisor
  • A quick overview and steps for creating views
  • Learn what’s cooking in your queues
  • Learn how to track your most essential resource – your people
  • Learn how to check the health of your Interaction server
  • Learn how to set alerts, send messages, and answer assistance requests
  • Learn how to run reports
  • Learn some of the advanced features of Interaction Supervisor

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