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Interaction Analyzer and the Value of Speech Analytics - Interactions 2012 Conference Report

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Ruth Lochary

Here’s the dilemma of every contact center manager and QA team:  you have 100 agents who take an average of 12 calls per hour and work 8 hours per day.  That means your call recording system is capturing 10,000 calls per day or 300,000 calls per month.  Out of that mountain of calls, you need to select 10 calls per agent per month to monitor.  From those monitoring sessions, you need to identify common customer problems that could be fixed operationally AND agents who need coaching to provide better service for those customers.  You know that you’re missing 99% of the potential locked up in those recordings – but what can you do?

Interaction AnalyzerThe answer is found in Interaction Analyzer.  I was able to learn more about Analyzer during this year’s conference.  All I can say is – “Wow, I am impressed!”  Analyzer “listens” to a call while it’s being recorded and spots keywords that you define.  Those keywords may be positive/good or negative/bad.  You assign both the words and the values for scoring.  (For example, a customer saying “cancel” might be a high-scoring, negative word.)  Your recordings are then “tagged” with those scores.  This functionality is available in Customer Interaction Center release 4.0.

Who benefits from this?  I think there are three big winners with this product:

  1. The contact center manager/supervisor:  Because Interaction Analyzer works real-time, you can immediately see a call that is “going south.”  The score that’s being calculated is displayed in Interaction Supervisor allowing you to monitor while the call is happening!  Then you can take advantage of the other tools you already have in the Interactive platform to coach your agent or even take over the call to help the customer.  The real-time aspect of this product is so powerful to help both your staff and your customers.
  2. The QA team: Today, you randomly search through that mountain of recordings I mentioned earlier trying to select the ones to review for the month.  With Analyzer, your search becomes targeted and informed.  You can see the scores for the calls and select ones that will give you a better opportunity to hear your agent’s strengths (from high scores) and weaknesses (from low scores).]
  3. Your customers:  Interaction Analyzer allows you truly, actively listen to your customers.  By defining keywords around issues that are important to them, you can target the portion of that mountain of recordings that will give you data you can act on to improve things for your customers.

Let me add one bit of reality to temper my enthusiasm:  as with many components of the Interactive platform, all of this capability brings complexity.  You need to do proper planning and tweaking of those keywords as you build your system.  They are critical to your success and it takes some iteration to get them right.

Overall, I came away from the conference really excited about Interaction Analyzer.  There is so much power here for improving things in your business – for both your agents and your customers because you listen to both sides of the conversation.  The power of real-time “listening” (or word-spotting) is amazing to see.  As I mentioned earlier, Interaction Analyzer is only available in 4.0 – and it requires Interaction Recorder as well.  If you have questions, let me know.


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