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How to Get ININ's Customer Interaction Center (CIC) on Your iPhone Today!

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David Currier

Ever since I got my iPhone, I've wanted to use it as my phone for CIC and I'm not alone. This has been one of the most requested items from our customer's C-Suite. Unfortunately, there just isn't a great solution for this yet. This is because:

1) Interactive Intelligence has not yet created a dedicated mobile app and soft phone

2) 3rd party SIP soft phones each have different capabilities and may not be completely compatible with CIC

3) There is no QoS standard for audio traveling across the public internet

4) Secure communication (that works well) between the internal network and outside world can be quite tricky

That said, I've recently been looking at different solutions and have found a few interesting alternatives. One of the best rated SIP soft phone apps for iOS is Groundwire, produced by Acrobits.

It is relatively simple to configure and includes a broad array of features. Assuming WIFI or a VPN connection to your voice network, here are a few of the configuration items you would need to consider to set it up:

  1. CIC station - Since a 3rd party SIP soft phone cannot be managed by CIC, it must be configured as a SIP station (either stand-alone or workstation).

  2. SIP user ID - In this case, the user portion of the connection SIP address for the CIC station is your SIP user ID.

  3. Digest authentication - Most SIP soft phones ask for a username/password, the values entered here should match the digest authentication settings for the station.

  4. Domain or SIP server - Ideally, the SIP soft phone should support DNS SRV records (just like Polycom phones) to support switchover. If so, enter the domain name for your voice DNS lookup zone, select the appropriate transport protocol (UDP/TCP) and the soft phone should take care of the rest. If not, enter the IP address and port of the CIC server you wish to connect to... and remember that you'll need to change it if there is a switchover. Note: I've been having trouble with DNS lookups from my iPhone today, so I had to use a server IP address.

  5. Routing - Be sure that the appropriate routes are configured to allow the remote device and the CIC servers, etc. to communicate with each other. If you have both voice and data NICs on your CIC servers, this will usually require static persistent routes.

As long as the SIP soft phone stays connected to CIC, it works really quite nicely and even supports back grounding and inbound call alerts. Remember, this isn't supported by ININ yet, so you're pretty much on your own, but I believe that technology may be getting close to providing a viable remote solution for smart phone users.

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